Friday, 21 April 2017

Welcome Back for Term 3!

Dear parents, families and carers,

Welcome back for the third and final term of the 2016-17 academic year. I hope that you all had a pleasant Songkran break and wish you a happy and prosperous Thai new year.

Our new topic for the last term of the year is one we have all been looking forward to—Ancient Egyptians. We will learn about the rise and fall of one of history’s most intriguing and prolific civilisations. We will look at their daily life, religion with their many gods, art, society, culture, and of course, their amazing architecture such as the Great Pyramids which still leave a lasting impression on us to this day.

In English, we will be looking at myths and legends, which will go hand in hand with our topic work. We will study various fantastic tales, characters, and creatures which we will use as inspiration for our own writing. We will also study instructional texts and poetry in the second half of the term. We will continue on with our grammar, spelling, and reading comprehension work.

In Maths, we will be revising a lot of what we have covered in the previous 2 terms, particularly to do with the 4 operations, time, fractions, measurement, and data handling, as well as covering some new content such as 7 and 9 times-tables, angles and rotation, direction and sorting shapes.

The term has started with good energy and all of the students appear well-rested and ready to learn! A busy few weeks are coming up with several TISAC events in May, so please be sure to keep a look-out for notices and letters going home in case your child is participating.

There are also some holidays (no-school days) on the horizon, so please make a note of the important dates listed to the right of this page. Please also note that Coronation Day (formerly May 5th) has been moved to July, and won’t affect our school calendar. Lastly, the end of year Key Stage 2 (years 3-6) production will be on the 15th of June, so we look forward to seeing you all then!

Best wishes,
Damian Porter.


Labour Day Holiday
Monday, May 1st

Visakha Bucha Day Holiday
Wednesday, May 10th

Key Stage 2 Production (Jungle Book)
Thursday, June 15th

End of Term
Thursday, June 22nd

Monday, 6 February 2017

Updated Homework Schedule

Dear parents, families and care-givers,

Today you will have received an updated homework schedule for Year 3. Not much has changed, except that from now on ORT books will go home on Fridays. The ORT comprehension sheets are still due the following Thursday, giving children a week to complete them.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday for International Day - which is also the last day of half-term!

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Welcome Back to Term 2 - 2017!

Dear parents, families and carers,

Term 2 is well under way and we are already in January, 2017! As the children in Year 3 class will tell you, time flies when you’re having fun!

Our topic to start the new calendar year is called ‘All About Me’. We will be learning about everything that makes us who we are, from all the bones and organs that make up our body, to the different systems that keep us alive. We’ll also discover where our thoughts and feelings come from, nutrition for the body and how we live and grow. It has been a lot of fun so far and we are learning how our clever bodies work in different ways, even without us thinking about it!

In English we will be learning how to write report texts and combining this knowledge with our topic studies, which will help the students gain a    firmer understanding. We will then look at persuasive writing and learn how to argue a point and convince a target audience. We have also been developing grammar skills such as how to use correct tense, sentence structure and punctuation. A new spelling curriculum has been put in place, with students assessed this week, they will now be receiving their own personalised spelling lists each week. Their homework will still be the same, and are required to look, say, cover, write and check their work each day. Additional activities are listed in the back of the book, so use these as you see fit.

In Maths we will be navigating the fun world of fractions, namely learning how to find fractions of shapes and numbers. We are going to look at money and place value, continue to develop our word problem solving and mental maths skills, and move on to our 6 and 8 times-tables. We will also revise a lot of our first term’s work on the four operations, to keep our skills sharp.

The whole class has begun the year with a lot of energy and are getting actively involved after a deserved break over the new year’s holiday.

It will be a busy few weeks coming up with many events to look forward to, so please do check the school calendar on the website and keep an eye out for letters going home about those events in the coming weeks.

Best wishes,
Damian Porter.


Primary Art Day
Friday, January 27th

Chinese New Year Show
Tuesday, January 31st

International Day
Friday, February 10th

End of half-term
Friday, February 10th